As Shifa Trust

Revolutionary health-educational-social movement

Innovation, prosperity, Careness in health, diseases. Evaluation of modern treatment by Islamic philosophy. Regimental Wet Cupping research and development. Far ahead unique analytical and problem specific health care products and services. Social empowerment by various community activities. Public awareness about how NOT to take medicines of synthetic origins. Organic foods consciousness amongst people. Touch to humanity and sincerity.

Our Mission & Vision

What Is The Main Theme Of Our Mission

Every diseases must have a cure according to sahih hadith – exept death. we do all corners of activities to prove that scinentifically and in realistic ground

why do we do that innovative works or mission

satisfaction of allah islam have all codes of life including health codes also – to prove and uorise that uprisement of greatness of islam halal adequate or satisfactory income providing jobs to religious young muslim aspirant uprisement of community insha allah we will success and enlighten our futures

Services We Providing